Emily Deschanel Stillness
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Emily Deschanel Stillness Icontest

welcome to emilystills, a stillness icontest devoted to the talented, beautiful actress emily deschanel, star of the hit tv show 'bones.'
the contest.
each week, a number of images of emily will be posted, and members will have one week to create icons using the images to enter into the challenge. after a week, members will vote on the icons. first, second, and third places will be awarded, as well as a mod's choice award. banners will be created for the winners. our banner makers are paperdreamss, taikowinds and tempertemper.

Current Challenge:
Challenge #109: 2009 Sea Shephard benefit/The Maggot in the Meathead

Requests or suggestions for future challenges? Leave them in our Suggestion Box!
the rules.
-NO animation - that's the whole point of a stillness contest!

-icons entered must fit LJ standards - 100x100 or less; 40kb or less; .jpg, .gif, or .png format

-submissions must remain anonymous. do not post your icons anywhere else before the challenge is over. also, no telling anyone which icon(s) are yours.

-you must create new icons specifically for the challenges. no reusing old icons.

-you must enter your icons with an image host that allows remote linking, such as photobucket, imageshack, etc.

-your submission must include both the image src tag and the url, like so:


-you must be logged in to livejournal to submit and to vote. non-members may not submit; non-members may vote.

-do not vote for yourself. do not tell others to vote for you.

-ask the maker before snagging an icon for your own personal use.

-above all, have fun!
the affiliates.
our list of affiliates is here.

if you would like to affiliate with emilystills, leave a comment on this entry.
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