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05 September 2011 @ 12:01 pm
Challenge #111  
Here's our new challenge!

This week, we have images of Emily from ComicCon 2005. We also have screencaps of Brennan in The Bones That Weren't. Enjoy!

Emily images from edeschanel.com. Brennan screencaps from homeofthenutty.

Emily Category

Brennan Category

-You may enter up to two icons per category, for a total of four icons.
-Blending within categories is allowed. No blending across categories.
-No animation.
-Make sure your icons fit LJ's standards (see user info for more).
-Don't post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over.
-Submit your image src and urls in a comment to this post (comments are screened).
-You have one week to enter - deadline is Monday, Sept. 12 at 3:00pm EST (time zone help).

Current entries: 00