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Hi all,

Many, many thanks to arctic_comet, valerie_jackson, and geezbones who have volunteered to be the new co-mods! I have given the three of you maintainer status and posting access, so you should be all set to take the reins, in whatever way works out for the three of you.

Also, tempertemper has volunteered to stay on in the banner maker rotation if the new mods need help, so please let her know :)

Thanks again, everyone!
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Hi all,

I'm sorry for leaving this community in limbo. I had to step away from LJ for personal reasons, and this place got neglected as a result. Thanks to the couple of you who messaged me wondering about the community - again, so sorry for letting things get inactive!

I am unable to continue running emilystills - if anyone would like to take it over, please let me know via a comment to this post and I'd be happy to give you maintainer status. (If there are tons of people who want to take it over, I guess we'll have to figure that out when the time comes!) Comments on this post are not screened. If you would prefer to contact me privately, send an LJ PM.

Thanks, everyone - I've really enjoyed running this community; you all are great :)
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Challenge #110 voting

Thanks to everyone who entered this challenge!

-Vote for three icons, in order, for each category.
-Vote in a comment to this post (comments are screened).
-Don't vote for yourself or tell others to vote for you.
-You have 48 hours to vote.

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Also, it is a holiday weekend here in the US, and I will be away from home and my internet access - therefore, I will be unable to post winners and a new challenge until Monday. Thanks in advance for your patience!
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This is your first reminder to enter the current emilystills challenge. We only have 5 entries so far, so we need a lot more! The deadline is Sunday, August 28 at 11:30am EST (**I know I'm really late with this reminder; if people need more time I will extend the deadline - sorry about that!). Click the image above to enter.